Changes for Spring 2021

So what is really changing with TechWatch just in time for Summer of 2021?  To say the least, we've really fine tuned the business to best suit our clients and our own internal processes.  The result is improvements across the board.

Service Improvements:

IT Services: We are always improving services.  Currently, we are changing the tools we use to provide proactive maintenance for our smaller clients.  This will assist with the overall experience of our services.

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Web Services: We now not only provide website hosting that is incredibly fast, reliable and secure, but we now provide what we call the Website Toolkit.  This is meant to allow you to create your own site without knowing any code and minimal WordPress knowledge that we teach you directly.  We show you how to get around, add content, make changes and more. We stay with you during the building process and after.

Phone Services:  We now provide phone services to small businesses and in the home!  Great alternative from the bigger companies for family or work from home use.  It uses your internet connection and can reduce all those spam calls!  Same phone number(s), better service!

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Cloud Computing:  We are all about security these days and we know that the world is headed to an online world where you have true peace of mind with the proper security in place and backups.  Never worry about the hardware you use again!

Education Services:  A lot of our clients feel technology ignorant.  While we can't teach them everything, but we can provide the ability for them to get great content that they can use any time they want.  Thanks to one of our technology partners, we now offer video courses to help our clients get more productive and confident.

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For further information, we invite you to schedule a call with us.  We can answer any questions you may have, quote a new service and help you get started in the next phase of your technology growth!

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